A leading ecosystem in the gaming industry

Multiplayer, with its experienced team who have in depth knowledge of gaming, is a leading ecosystem in the industry. With its 360 degrees service approach, Multiplayer has services ranging from game development to brand integration projects.

Content Hub

Our Past


• Founded in 2010.
• Produced TV programs for roughly 7 years on MTV Turkey, CNN Türk, NTV Spor and Dream TV networks.
• On 2012, we launched our YouTube channel.
• We launched our Twitch channel in 2013.
• We held the first Chapter event as our birthday party in 2014. The 2nd and 3rd were held in 2015 and 2016 respectively.


• We increased the scale of our Chapter festival and held the 4th and 5th events at Vodafone Park Stadium with the support of BJK (an Istanbul Football Club).
• Our YouTube channel reached 250,000 subscribers.
• We began strengthening our agency muscles. We began conducting online & offline projects with brands.
• We became stronger at influencer management. We began managing the top streamers in Turkey.


• We held our 6th Chapter Festival at Hasköy Thread Factory..
• Our YouTube channel reached 350,000 subscribers.
• We conducted influencer marketing projects for numerous brands.


• We held our 7th Chapter festival at Avrasya Convention Center.
• We won «Best Gaming Campaign» at Inflow Awards for the Fortnite Tournament we designed for Gillette.
• Our YouTube channel reached 450,000 subscribers..
• We held our 8th Chapter festival at Ortaköy Feriye.
• We began managing Bethesda’s operations (apart from sales and marketing) in Turkey.


• We launched our game development studio mayaworks.
• We renewed our corporate identity.
• We started working on our first game.
• We held our 9th Chapter, Chapter 2020, as an online event.


• We’ve managed Conqueror’s Blade’s operations (influencer marketing, pr and community management) in Turkey.
• We won “Kristal Elma” in the field of Design / Illustration for “Bethesda Miniature Game” project.



We are excited to see the new developments our future holds.